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Revolutionizing your recruitment process with FirstRound, the AI-driven platform making interviews efficient, personal, and insightful

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Our powerful AI features allow for natrual, personal interviews and in-depth result analytics for recruiters.

AI Interviewer

Meet Liam, our AI-Powered Interviewer.

  • Asks resume tailored questions
  • Follow-up questions based on previous responses
  • Advanced AI voice generation

Results Page

Instant feedback with the help of AI.

  • Access to your video answers
  • AI scores on relevance and depth of knowledge
  • Detailed tips to help you improve

Recruiter Dashboard

Our Recruiter Dashboard enables recruiters and hiring managers to effortlessly assess and analyze talent, streamlining the hiring process.

  • Access to all open positions with analytics
  • Video answers from candidates
  • Machine rating and human rating

Frequently Asked

Everything you need to know about FirstRound

What makes FirstRound different from other video interview platforms?

Unlike standard one-way interview platforms, FirstRound offers a more personalized and interactive experience. Our AI technology adapts to candidate responses, ensuring a more natural and less pressured interview environment.

How does FirstRound's Recruiter Dashboard work?

The dashboard consolidates all interview analytics and candidate answers, allowing recruiters to quickly assess and make informed decisions. It includes an interview relevance and depth-of-knowledge score for each question, serving as a benchmark for evaluation.

Who can benefit from using FirstRound?

FirstRound is ideal for businesses of all sizes seeking to improve their recruitment process. Our interview software and dashboard will save your business time interviewing candidates and resources in HR.

What are the pricing models for FirstRound?

We offer various plans, including Starter for new companies, Pro for mid-sized businesses with more interviews and full access to our software, and custom-priced Enterprise solutions for larger companies.